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Electrical Fault-Finding & Diagnostics...

With the increase in technology, cars are getting more complex every year. To keep up with the technology we are equipped with some of the latest diagnostic/electrical test equipment.
All scanners and laptops have the latest software; updated monthly. To work alongside these we have the latest probes, cameras, oscilloscopes and multimeter's.
We can work diagnostics on many different levels. The most common, is an electrical management light illuminates a warning on the cars instrument panel. We would plug the diagnostic equipment into the EOBD (European On Board Diagnostic) system. Then begin a full diagnostic scan. The complete car is scanned, not just the Control Unit effected. The reason we do this; is each car has several control units & each one communicates with the other. 
Our diagnostic equipment is linked to our printer, enabling us to print off a full report of the cars Control Units.
This report will then give you a listing of any codes stored in the control units and a brief explanation of the code.
Most scans will then require further research either via the likes of Auto data, (we have the latest on-line version) or directly on the car. From this process we are able to assess the fault or faults & proceed in the most cost effective way for our customers. 

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